Tales from Potager Rectory Featuring the Veggies

In the village of Potager stands a very old rectory, surrounded by a delightful flower garden.  Beyond this is a high, mellow brick wall with an old wooden door halfway along, which leads into the Kitchen Garden.   This is a very special place, because this is the home of The Veggies.  These are not just veggies, but very important Veggies, because many of them can TALK (Veggie-tarian, of course).  They live together very happily at Potager Rectory, and have many, many adventures.

Now you can meet the characters


Latest Books from the author

Veggies Cookbook

Veggies Cookbook

Learn to cook with The Veggies. Tom and Cherry Tomato, Spud, Broccoli Spears, Col E Flower, Chick Pea and Russell Sprout have got together to show you how to cook some of their favourite recipes, including Easy-peasy Pizza, Roast chips, Roasted vegetables and Cauliflower cheese - with helpful illustrations by Arty Choke. The book also provides a brief history of some of our favourite vegetables.

Cherry Goes to Market

Cherry Goes to Market

Cherry Tomato is playing in the orchard and climbs one of the fruit trees. A sudden noise distracts her and she falls off the tree into a crate. And that's where her adventure begins!

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